Rotary House of Grande Prairie

Rotary House (Wapiti Community Dorm Society, incorporated in 1996) offers 24/7/365 accommodation to a wide range of clients. Primary services include single-night emergency beds and mats, short-term housing, and permanent supportive bachelor suites.

The majority of our clients are single men – many of whom arrive in Grande Prairie from other provinces for work. We also accommodate the working poor, and newly landed immigrants.

We operate at capacity almost every night since July 2011.

Our state-of-the-art facility offers a professionally staffed on-site clinic, common lounge areas, common kitchen, all day coffee, library, computer kiosks, security camera monitoring, and laundry facilities on each floor. There are two 12-step programs that meet on-site, Outreach Workers, and Housing First Assessment services. Plans are underway to arrange health & wellness and other supportive programming.

The Challenges of Homelessness: There are many causes of homelessness, including insufficient affordable housing and housing supply, low income, the gap between income and affordability, mental health, violence, and job loss to name a few. In Canada, there are up to an estimated 300,000 homeless people—living either on the streets or in shelters [like Rotary House]. Single men are the largest segment, but homelessness is rising among single women, lone-parent families, persons with mental illness, the working poor, and new immigrants.
(Source: The Homelessness Partnering Strategy Government of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: 9 January 2010)