Grande Prairie Rotary House provides shelter & supportive services to individuals struggling with homelessness. The group offers 2-tiered 24/7/365 shelter services including overnight emergency beds, an evening mat program that focuses on harm reduction and a day intox program that focuses on giving our clients a quiet and safe recovery space.

Interim suites are available for individuals on the second and third floors that require supportive services and is based on Alberta’s Affordable Housing rates.

Rotary House offers various services such as Addictions Counselling and there are Outreach/ Housing Navigators available to clients. The three different services offered at Rotary House are broken down below;

Mat Intox Program/Day Intox Program: Rotary House operates a Mat Intox program that focuses on harm reduction and trauma informed care. This program operates nightly from 10pm until 7am and provides a safe environment and overnight accommodation to men and women that may be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Then during the day, the Mat Intox room is transitioned into a Day Intox room that accommodates individuals who are without a place to go and are in need of sleep/rest. 

Shelter Cot Program: The Shelter Cot Program runs seven days a week, 365 days a year. This program offers overnight, and emergency stay, and the shelter currently operates with 43 Men’s Cots & 12 Women’s Cots.

Interim Supportive Suites: This supportive housing program provides housing to individuals that are struggling with chronic homelessness, mental health and or addictions. The program currently runs with 32 suites and provides intensive case management, life skills training and peer support services. There are an additional 4 Alberta health services beds at the facility.