Community Assistance 

Rotary House is committed to providing help for today and hope for tomorrow,

we could not accomplish this without the financial support 

that has been granted from the following organizations and/or grants

United Way

Through the Emergency Community Support Funding, United Way Alberta Northwest was able to provide $20,000 in funding to Saint Lawrence Centre and $60,000 in funding to Rotary House. With the colder months right at our doorsteps, homeless and street involved individuals are vulnerable to the elements along with having an increased risk of being exposed to COVID-19. The funds provided assist Rotary House programs and are essential in keeping vulnerable populations safe as we progress through the winter.

United Way Grant


We are proud to announce that the shelter was recently awarded with a generous contribution from the AB North ATB Market Donations Committee. This will help us continue to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals.

ATB North community contribution


The funding provided by the Community Initiatives Program has directly increased our capacity to meet the needs of those found within the vulnerable sector. Since the inauguration of the Wapiti Community Dorm, our organization has served as a hub for those experiencing homelessness across the Peace Country. In recent years, much effort has been directed at designing and implementing effective programming within our organization to comprehensively address the homelessness crisis within our community.

CIP Program

Community Foundation

Rotary House received a grant from the ECS Fund in collaboration with Community Foundations of Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada.The funds allowed us to provide a safer kitchen area to community members using the shelter and to employ an outreach worker to help clients ensure immediate needs such as food, income, shelter and transportation are met and maintained during the pandemic. Rotary House is extremely thankful for the Community Foundation partnership.




Pembina Contributions


 Has kindly been supporting Rotary House programs and initiatives.

Recently Pembina awarded Rotary House with a grant

that will help us continue doing the impactful work here in Grande Prairie.