The City & County of Grande Prairie has offered homeless shelter services since 1970. The need, however, since the 70’s has grown exponentially throughout Canada. In response to both increased need and the will of the community, Wapiti Community Dorm Society incorporated (1996) to provide temporary housing to the homeless and hard-to-house in Grande Prairie.

By 2005, the existing facility had decrepitated to the point where the price to upgrade the building and replace failing major mechanical systems out-weighed the cost of a new build. The planning for a new homeless shelter facility began. By December 2009, the generous efforts of Grande Prairie’s 4 Rotary Clubs, the City of Grande Prairie, Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada converged with Wapiti Community Dorm Society to unveil the newly constructed facility.

Today, the Wapiti Community Dorm Society’s Rotary House provides shelter and support to homeless and hard to house individuals who have a unique blend of needs requiring a unique kind of housing. We manage this by providing a modern facility with extensive services and compassionate support.